Setting up or expanding a food education program? Here are some resources to get you started. 

Funding Organizations + Grant Writing Support

We will post grant opportunities as we come across them. Please see our sample grant language for data to support applications for food education programs, tools and training.

Share your work! Do you have a grant opportunity or completed application you would be willing to share with the food education community? Send us your work and we will be happy to post it.

Food Education Curricula

The following organizations provide a wealth of resources and downloadable materials to support kitchen and garden education.

Center for a Livable Future, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Community Alliance with Family Farmers (California-based) 
Cooking with Kids
The Edible Schoolyard Project
Harvest of the Month
Jamie Oliver Food Foundation
The Joyful12!
National Farm to School Network
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
Wellness in the Schools

Food System Issues in Video + Film

Edible Education 101 (2012 – present) The Edible Schoolyard and the UC Berkeley Food Institute Present A series of lectures by prominent food scholars, authors, and activists, as well as farmers and producers. Originally produced as a course at UC Berkeley, these videos are available for free download. Provides background on the food movement and the many issues affected by our food choices, from economy to health.

Food, Inc., Participant Media, producer Eric Schlosser, and director Robert Kenner take a close look at who controls the food supply, what gets prioritized along the food chain, and the consequences of a corporation-driven food system.

Fed Up, (2013) from Katie Couric, Laurie David, and director Stephanie Soechtig.  The obesity epidemic explained in terms of fast food and food marketing to kids.

Fast Food Nation, a feature film based on Eric Schlosser's book of the same name, Fast Food Nation gives insight into the working conditions spawned by our fast food culture. 

SuperSize Me (2004) Director Morgan Spurlock sets out to eat three meals a day at McDonalds, and films the results.

Food System Issues in Books

Omnivore’s DilemmaMichael Pollan. An examination of the American food system through the process of deciding – and sourcing – what to have for dinner.

On Food and CookingHarold McGee. The ultimate science of food text with history thrown in for good measure.

The History of Food in 100 RecipesWilliam Sitwell. A tongue in cheek historical review of the recipes that have most influenced contemporary cuisine. Brief, entertaining entries,  many with illustrations, will engage and intrigue young cooks. A great source for fun facts.

RatioMichael Ruhlman. A cookbook that outlines basic recipes such as doughs, vinaigrettes and stocks in ratios. Great for math projects, independent learning, and gaining confidence with a variety of ingredients.

What to EatMarion Nestle. A guide through the supermarket shelves that gives context to all of that food, from politics to marketing to health; with practical information to make healthy choices for family, community and the planet.

Chew on This, Eric Schlosser. A young adult version of Fast Food Nation, chock full of facts about the food we eat and how it is produced, that will engage, amuse and shock young readers in equal measure.