Frequently Asked Questions

You can place an order by filling out the online reservation form and someone from our team will be back in touch.

When will I receive my Charlie Cart?

Typically, the cart ships within 2 weeks of receiving payment.

How much does the program cost?

The price of the program is $9500, plus a $500 flat rate shipping fee. It is a fully integrated program that includes a mobile kitchen, a K-5 curriculum, and introductory training for your staff.

What is included in the program?

The program includes the mobile kitchen cart, 175 pieces of equipment, a K-5 curriculum aligned with Common Core, introductory training, ongoing support from our team, and networking on the Charlie cart online portal.

Do you provide on-site training?

We do! For an additional fee, our team can visit your site to provide hands-on training. We will bring three chef educators and design an intensive 4-hour workshop to specifically address the needs of your organization. The cost includes all food and materials.

Is it possible to move the cart from site to site?

Yes, the cart weighs 450 pounds with all the equipment and can be transported with a small truck or moving van equipped with a ramp and moving straps.  


What does the curriculum include?

Our curriculum was written and vetted by a team of experts in education.  It is a comprehensive curriculum spanning grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  The recipes were designed specifically for the K-5 age group, but every lesson can be adapted for younger or older users.