At the Charlie Cart Project, we see food education as an integral part of a thriving community.

Sustainability, climate change, health and economy, all are intrinsically linked to our food system. Yet how can the next generation make choices that support their health and the health of the planet if they don’t receive even a basic education about those connections?

Food is foundational. Yet most kids receive only 4.5 hours of food education each year.

As a team of educators, we at the Charlie Cart Project have seen first-hand the power of cooking as a medium for learning: it is engaging, rewarding, and activates all the senses. For kids who don’t thrive in a traditional school environment, hands-on education, and cooking in particular, can unlock a child’s potential.

With the Charlie Cart Project cooking can happen anytime, anywhere.

The Charlie Cart Project is an all-in-one program – a kitchen on wheels complete with everything you need to get cooking- including a full curriculum connecting the dots between food, health and the environment.  Starting a food education program could not be simpler – just plug in the Charlie Cart, grab one of our classroom-tested recipes, and you’re on your way.


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