In her current role, Dana engages local non-profits, Title I schools, faith-based organizations, and their clients by facilitating culinary nutrition courses, grocery store tours, and education based outreach events.

Dana’s efforts, the Lowcountry Food Bank has become a leader in nutrition education. In 2015 the Lowcountry Food Bank became a SNAP Education Implementing Agent bringing in over $250,000 in funding in the first two years of partnership. Through SNAP, Dana collaborates with local health prevention and promotion programs, colleges, professional organizations, and state programs to implement nutrition education for SNAP eligible participants, empowering them with resources and knowledge to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

My dream was to have a mobile kitchen where we could teach families to prepare tasty meals that are healthy and affordable, no matter the setting. The Charlie Cart provides this and more.

- Dana Mitchel

How many people do you reach?

We serve of 200,000 families each year across the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina. In 2015 we reached of 35,000 people through our Nutrition Education programs. With the Charlie Cart, our goal is to reach 2080 kids in our first year.

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